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PT Jaya Fermex a national company that focuses its business in marketing and product development of raw materials for industrial rolls and cakes. The products marketed by PT Jaya Fermex, generally produced by PT Indo Fermex. These products include: YeastBread improverCake ingredientsMould inhibitorEmulsified fats, Fats & oilCanned fruitsFlavoursPremixesDairy products, Fruit Filling, Donut Coating and Food service products.

Most of the products are PT. Jaya Fermex have a certified Halal by MUI, and easily available throughout Indonesia as PT Jaya Fermex has a wide marketing network

PT Jaya Fermex had Bakery Team Advisor are ready to provide technical support to customers and prospective customers in making bread and cakes, as well as providing consultation to address issues that will arise during the process of making bread and cakes.

Halal Certification




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